Green Yule Vinyl Slim Crossbody Bag ZIPPERED BACK

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This slim vinyl bag is essential if you like to run your errands without carrying a bunch of extra stuff.   Finished bag measures approximately 5x25" wide by 8 inches tall, with an adjustable 1/2" webbing strap. Bag closes with snaps, and has 3 card slots built into the front. There is a zipper pouch on the back for some extra storage, and the edges are lovingly edgecoated.  

You'll be recieving the exact bag pictured. Some of the topstitching isn't perfectly straight - I'll be adjusting the pattern a bit for future batches.

Disclaimer: As I am not a professional bagmaker and do not own an industrial machine (yet!) occasionally there may be flaws like a weird stitch here or there. That's handmade, baby!