International Shipping


A quick note, though - I don't set the shipping rates. I *know* international shipping rates from the US are kinda nuts. Everything is shipped by weight, and there's nothing I can do about it to make it cost less, unfortunately. 

And sometimes the system overestimates the cost for shipping! When that happens, shipping overages over $2 will be refunded. :) 

--INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CUSTOMS/IMPORT/VAT FEES AND TAXES. I just ship it, anything beyond that is between you and your countries mail system.

-- UK Shoppers will need to order through our Etsy page when that relaunches - because of the whole Brexit/VAT situation because Etsy will handle that for me, and that will be set up soon with at least patches and stickers, one of a kind items like bags will be added on a per-request basis. Etsy also has higher fees, and costs will be adjusted to cover the difference on that end. I know it's not ideal, but with shipping costs what they are, I don't have enough international sales to deal with all that myself.

Thanks again!