Rosy Maple Moth Shoe & Boot Wings

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These adorable shoe/boot wings are a wonderful accessory for any look! They measure ~4 inches wide by ~3 inches tall. 

Exact vinyls and threads may vary based on what I've got on hand, but it'll still look very similar to the photo. If you have a question, don't hesitate to Contact Me first to see if I've got something that will suit your idea in stock. On-The-Shoe and measurement photos may show different vinyls, they're just to show you how they work and what the size is.

All Shoe Wings are Made To Order. I'll get it stitched up after you order, and it'll be ready to ship in 7-10 business days (possibly sooner, it depends on my backlog). Any overages paid in shipping will be refunded when your order is packed up.

 Disclaimer: As I am not a professional, occasionally there may be flaws like a weird stitch here or there. That's handmade, baby!